Governance, Reporting and Social Procurement

The Governance, Reporting, and Social Procurement team (GRSP) is responsible for overseeing and advising on aspects of the University's procurement framework, Social Procurement, Supplier Relationship Management, Contract Management, ensuring GIPA Compliance, and Reporting.

Our focus is:

Procurement Governance: Ensuring an accountable, transparent, responsive, effective and efficient Procurement framework that drives outcomes and compliance.

Social Procurement: Ensuring tools and support to integrate social and environmental considerations into the University's procurement process and emphasising the cultivation of positive social impact through procurement decisions. We collaborate with the Procurement Business Partnerships team, our clients, and suppliers to champion sustainability, diversity, and ethical practices in our supply chains.

Reporting: Undertake all regulatory and compliance reporting. We also provide reports that allow our Procurement Business Partnerships team and clients to identify opportunities for efficiencies and streamlining.

Jill Camilleri, Manager, Governance, Reporting & Social