Major Procurement Projects

The Major Procurement Projects team provides procurement support and advice for non-BAU (business as usual), one off and/or strategic or transformation projects across the organisation, with responsibilities spanning the entire procurement lifecycle for significant projects.

Our service delivery focuses on ensuring the project is delivered in line with the client requirements and involves engaging with project stakeholders to comprehend procurement requirements, whilst mitigating supply chain risks in the engagement.

We understand that building and sustaining robust relationships with suppliers in major projects is paramount. Collaborating closely with suppliers, we ensure timely delivery, quality assurance, and effective issue resolution. Leading negotiations with suppliers to secure advantageous terms and conditions and managing contracts throughout their lifecycle are integral components of our role, all while ensuring compliance with legal, regulatory, and project-specific requirements.

Annalese Packer, Manager, Major Procurement
Mikayla Renwick, Procurement
Luis da Costa, Procurement Lead, Digital Transformation (DX)