ADI Journals

As an alternative to you entering your own general ledger journals into Oracle Financials, general ledger transfer requests can also be advised to Finance and processed into Oracle Financial System via an Oracle Applications Desktop Integrator journal (ADI journal).

In simple terms, an ADI journal is an excel spreadsheet designed to electronically upload transactions into Oracle Financials.


The following procedures are to be used if you wish to transfer funds between general ledger accounts:

  1. Download the ADI Journal Template (XLSM, 376.85 KB) (opens in a new window) and save as a MS Excel file in your personal directory.
  2. Create a new copy of the template each time you wish to submit a new journal for processing and save under a different name.
  3. Open your new journal in excel and complete the following fields:
    • Centre, Project, Account, Campus, Entity and Type fields: Please enter valid segment values from the chart of accounts.
    • Debit and Credit fields: Place the value of each transaction in the appropriate field.
    • Description field: Enter a meaningful description that will appear on your Oracle general ledger reports.
    • Note: the Journal Name field is optional.
  4. When you have completed your journal, please ensure the total debit and credit at the bottom of the journal is equal.
  5. As with any excel spreadsheet, you can insert new rows as required, however, never insert new columns.
  6. Send the completed file as an email attachment to your respective Management Accountant.
  7. Your Management Accountant will check your journal request, enter the appropriate Accounting Date into the journal and upload into Oracle Financials. The journal will be then posted to the General Ledger. It is strongly recommended that this method be used where you have a journal with a large volume of transactions. For simple two line requests it is easier to enter your own journal directly into Oracle Financials.

For more information, see General Journal Procedures.


Please direct any questions or problems with this system to Scott Sligar x1942.