Process for Payment of University Third-Party Student Scholarships

Please use the Payment of Third Party Scholarships form (PDF, 62.01 KB) (opens in a new window) to request a scholarship payment where the student has (or will have) a fee liability on Callista.

Please use the Payment Request form (XLSX, 43.06 KB) (opens in a new window) where payment is to be made directly to student.

Before you start

When paying scholarships for student(s) attached to a sponsor code, (eg. UWS-RESRCH) total payment request MUST equal Callista "STUDENT DEBTOR REPORT" UWSFINR020 balance for sponsor code.

  • Check that sponsor is attached to student (see Callista report FINR0140).
  • Check that appropriate fees have been calculated (see Callista report FINF9100).
  • Check that student personal fees have not been attached to sponsor (Callista report FINF9100).
  • Expect overnight processing before changes reflected in Student Debtor Report UWSFINR020.

Please note that Accounts Receivables cannot process amounts that do not total the Student Debtor Report unless details are provided and appropriate cost centre entered on "Request to Raise on Invoice" for the difference.

The Student Experience Office

  • Complete sponsor details and amount of scholarship to be paid off sponsor's debt liability in Callista (parts 1 and 2).
  • Approve payment in accordance with University delegations.
  • Attach copy of supporting documentation.
  • Attach copy of Student Debtor Report Summary (UWSFINR020).
  • Complete 'Request to Raise an Invoice'.
  • Income account to be entered on Invoice Request.

09999.00000.0277.99.31.00 OR

Applicable Individual sponsor project

Where the invoice amount differs from the Debtor Report (UWSFINR020), the account codes on the 'Request to Raise an Invoice' need to be adjusted, so that:

  • Only the amount shown on the Debtor Report should be charged to the 0277 account.
  • The difference between invoiced amount and Debtor Report amount is raised to the relevant School cost centre.

Accounts Receivable

  • Raise invoice to Sponsor
  • Process a Payments receipt to the sponsor's account. The following details must be entered:
    • Transaction Code: 018 (Internal Scholarships)
    • Tender: Banked (F7)
    • Deposit Reference: Enter the AR invoice number
  • Record the Payments receipt number & other required details at part 4.
  • The receipt will automatically pay the fee liability in Callista.


  • A nominated Management Accountant will reconcile the Scholarship Clearing Account on a monthly/quarterly basis.
  • The Student Experience Office will reconcile applicable individual sponsor code Clearing Accounts on a monthly/quarterly basis.