Purchase requisitions and contracts

Oracle I-Procurement

In cases where credit card payments are not accepted purchases can be arranged by the completion of an appropriately approved Purchase Requisition in the Oracle I-Procurement system.
Purchase Requisitions raised in the I-Procurement system are directed to an appropriate Financial Delegate for approval and then reviewed and automatically forwarded to the supplier.
Purchase Requisitions should have copies of the quotes, Procurement Plan and other relevant supporting documentation attached to them to assist the Financial Delegate in making their decision to approve the transaction.
Access to the I-Procurement system is obtained by raising a request through the IT Service Desk.  Training material for I-Procurement is available through MyCareer Online by searching for "procurement". A Help page for I-Procurement is available at the Oracle I-Procurement home page.

Purchase Orders

A Purchase Order is the University's official order form issued by the Finance Officer - Purchasing to procure goods and services on behalf of the University as the result of having a Purchase Requisition approved. Purchase Orders are issued only for items to be used by the University and cannot under any circumstances be used for staff or student personal requirements.

A Purchase Order is required for asset purchases and for goods and services over $5,000 in value and for smaller value orders when other means are not appropriate.


Where a purchase requires the supplier to enter into a contract with the University, the Office of General Counsel must be advised of this fact and be involved in the preparation or review of the contract documentation prior to signing. Purchases under contract should also have a Purchase Order raised by the use of a Purchase and Service Requisition to account for the expenditure in the Oracle financial system.