Making friends

Making friends in a new environment helps us adjust and feel like we belong. It's important to be in the right frame of mind when thinking about or trying to make new friends. You might find it helpful to read the information about how to make friends on the Victorian State Government's Better Health website (opens in a new window).

We encourage all students to see university as a place to learn and expand your knowledge about people from other cultures and backgrounds.

Making friends can be as simple as saying 'hello' and seeing where the conversation will take you. If you're not feeling very confident about making new friends, there are a number of different programs and opportunities here that can help you meet people and make friends.

  • MATES – a mentoring program that helps new students meet other students and adjust to the university environment. 
  • Campus Life (opens in a new window) – your hub for social activities, with over 70 clubs and societies as well as sporting clubs, tours, fitness facilities and social events on campus.
  • Student Campus Councils (SCC) – join in with student representation! Each campus has a Student Campus Council which works with the University-wide Student Representative Council (SRC). Each council is there to represent student interests and run social events. There's a Student Rights Advocate to provide support and advice. The student representatives also make the University student newspaper, CrUWSible (opens in a new window).

If you find making friends is very difficult and you start to feel homesick and depressed, talking to a Western Sydney University Counsellor may help. Counsellors are sensitive to cultural diversity and will respect your privacy. You can either email a question or concern to eCounselling or organise a phone or face to face appointment with the Counselling Service.