How can I work out my EFTSL?

Your EFTSL for each teaching session is displayed on your Statement of Account, available from MySR.

How does EFTSL at Western Sydney University work?

  • If you are completing one year of full time study (generally 80 credit points or 8 units) EFTSL equals 1
  • A unit worth 10 credit points is worth 0.125 EFTSL
  • For example, if you study four units in Autumn session, your EFTSL is 0.5 for that teaching session
Example of how credit points and EFTSL work:
EFSTLCredit points per half yearStudy modeAmount per half year
Less than 0.375Less than 30 credit pointsPart time$115
0.375 and above30 credit points and aboveFull time$154