Higher Degree Research fees

As a Domestic Higher Degree Research (HDR) student you are usually provided with a funded government place under the Research Training Scheme. If you are a PhD student this place is for four years full time. For Masters Honours this place is two years full time.

Fees for when RTS and Western Sydney University funded EFTSL has been exceeded

PhD students are entitled to 4 EFTSL (RTS) and Masters Hons students are entitled to 2 EFTSL (RTS). Any extensions beyond this time must be approved by the University. For more information see the Doctor of Philosophy Rule and Research Masters (Honours) policies.

Current documents (indicative only)

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Fees are charged for the Doctor of Business Administration per unit according to the Western Sydney University approved fees schedule. The fee schedule is revised each calendar year and you should be aware that fees can increase annually.

Current documents (indicative only)

International HDR students

If you are an International HDR student you will be liable for fees as per the Western Sydney University approved fees schedule. Visit the International student course fees page for more information.

Please note that tuition fees do not include any other expenses associated with university study such as books, equipment, accommodation and living expenses. See the Other costs section on the Fees page for more information.