Cross Institutional studies

Western Sydney University offers Cross Institutional study opportunities to both our students and students from other tertiary institutions.

Western Sydney University students

There are two parts to the application process for Western Sydney University students:

  1. Apply for approval from your Western Sydney University School
  2. Apply for Cross Institutional studies at your chosen 'other' institution

How to apply

Western Sydney University approval

You need to complete an Academic Approval Request for Cross Institutional studies (PDF, 95.13 KB) (also available from any Student Central) and submit it directly to your School. You must complete and submit a separate application form for each teaching term in which you want to undertake Cross Institutional studies. When your application is processed, you will receive written confirmation.

Other institution

You will then need to complete the other institutions' application process. You must supply the Western Sydney University confirmation letter to the other institution as part of your application.

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If you are studying concurrently at Western Sydney University and another institution on a Cross Institutional basis, you may be charged different fees at each institution, as fee structures can vary. Please check the fee structure of the institution at which you plan to study your Cross Institutional subjects.

You will not be charged fees by Western Sydney University if you are not enrolled for the teaching term.

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If you are studying at Western Sydney University and another institution in the same teaching term at the same time, your enrolment at Western Sydney University will follow the normal procedure. For more information please visit the Enrolment page.

You will need to contact the other institution for information about how to register in your Cross Institutional subject/s. You will need to adhere to the other institution's enrolment procedures for studies undertaken there.

Leave of Absence requirements

If you don't register in any subjects for a term at Western Sydney University while you're undertaking Cross Institutional studies at another institution, you will automatically be placed on a Leave of Absence for the period required.

This Leave of Absence is different to a standard Leave of Absence and is only granted to students who have successfully applied for Cross Institutional studies. Students who are granted this leave will still be eligible to apply for an ordinary Leave of Absence when they return to studies at Western Sydney University.


If you are studying at Western Sydney University and another institution in the same teaching term at the same time, there could be potential clashes with exam times. If you do have a clash, we expect you as a Western Sydney University student to make alternative arrangements with the other institution to make sure you can attend your exam/s at Western Sydney University.

Credit for Prior Learning after Cross Institutional study

Once you've successfully completed your Cross Institutional study you will need to apply for Credit for Prior Learning by completing the Credit for Prior Learning (Transfer Credit) form. When filling out the form, make sure you tick the relevant box to indicate you are returning from Cross Institutional studies so your form is sent to the right area for processing. You will also need to supply a certified copy of your academic transcript from the other institution in order for your application to be processed.

Graduating students

If you are graduating and want your Cross Institutional study to count towards completing your degree, you need to apply for Credit for Prior Learning so it can be processed in time for your application to graduate to be assessed. You will need to refer to the graduation deadlines to ensure you submit your application, including all documentation, on time. You can indicate this in the Credit for Prior Learning (Transfer Credit) form so your application will be prioritised.

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Non-Western Sydney University students

If you're enrolled as a student at another institution, you can apply to study Western Sydney University or Western Sydney University, The College subjects as a Cross Institutional student for credit towards your degree.

Finding subjects - all teaching terms

Cross Institutional study is available for all our terms. Check which subjects are available in the Handbook. Once you've chosen which subject/s you want to study, please follow the process below.

How to apply

You must apply online by the advertised closing date. Once you have created your account and logged in, you need to select the 'Cross Institutional Study' button to start your application.


Your application must include the following:

  • a letter from your home institution confirming that subjects studied with us will be recognised as part of your degree
  • a certified copy of your most recent academic transcript


You will be charged the Western Sydney University fee for each subject you study. You will be able to download your invoice (called your Statement of Account) with the amount, date due and payment instructions from your student record in MySR once you have registered.

For more information, please see our Fees page.

Closing dates

Applications must be submitted using online by the advertised closing date.

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