Cross Institutional studies

Western Sydney University offers Cross Institutional study opportunities to both our students and students from other tertiary institutions.

Western Sydney University students

There are two parts to the application process for Western Sydney University students:

  1. Apply for approval from your Western Sydney University School
  2. Apply for Cross Institutional studies at your chosen 'other' institution

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Non-Western Sydney University students

If you're enrolled as a student at another institution, you can apply to study Western Sydney University or Western Sydney University, The College subjects as a Cross Institutional student for credit towards your degree.

Finding subjects - all teaching terms

Cross Institutional study is available for all our terms. Check which subjects are available in the Handbook. Once you've chosen which subject/s you want to study, please follow the process below.

You must apply online by the advertised closing date. You need to select 'Cross Institutional' from the drop to start your application.

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