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The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) is the international not-for-profit, research and development Centre and was named after the first matron of the Royal Adelaide Hospital. The Institute is an international organisation that collaborates with more than 70 Centres of Excellence and affiliated groups around the world. The Institute and its Collaborating Entities promote and support the synthesis, transfer and utilization of the best available evidence through identifying feasible, appropriate, meaningful and effective health policy, practice and outcomes. JBI provides software, education and support for the development of systematic reviews that are published in the JBI Evidence Synthesis journal and implementation reports that are published in the International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare journal.

The NSW Centre for Evidence Based Health Care (NSW CEBHC) is an Affiliated Group of the Joanna Briggs Institute that was established in 2001 within the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Western Sydney University. Led by Director Dr Jann Foster and Co-Director Dr Christine Taylor, the Centre’s objectives are to:

  • Generate systematic review evidence and implementation reports
  • Provide systematic review mentoring
  • Provide systematic review training for health professionals, researchers and students
  • Promote systematic review evidence to community and industry partners
  • To mentor health students and professionals to develop skills through systematic reviews

Jann Foster, Director     Christine Taylor, Co-Director

Jann Foster is an Associate Editor for the following journals: JBI Evidence Synthesis, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews and BMC Systematic Reviews

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