Doctor Lisa Wong

Doctor Lisa Wong

Academic Program Advisor, Master of Nursing (Professional Studies),
School of Nursing and Midwifery

School of Nursing and Midwifery


Lisa worked in different clinical areas including mental health, aged care and palliative care for over 35 years. Lisa has been teaching health care professionals in universities and was a clinical educator at the same time. Lisa obtained her PhD in Nursing from the University of Technology Sydney and the area of her PhD study is the help-seeking behaviour of Chinese carers for people living with dementia. Lisa has a Master’s degree in Care of Elderly People from UK in 1991 with her thesis focused on the movement of palliative care. Lisa is a qualified teacher for nurses and also a qualified teacher in the Department of Education.

Lisa’s long-held passion to improve the quality of care for elderly people and their carers, especially those with Culturally And Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds has been realised in my numerous contributions across public health and community organisations which have advanced knowledge in the area and improved access to care for older people from CALD backgrounds. It is evidenced by the Northern Sydney Community Award she obtained from the Parliament of Australia in 2014. Lisa has particular interest in improving mental health of elderly people and promoting palliative care/end of life care for people with life-limiting diseases. Lisa is an Accredited Person under Mental Health Act 2007 and she is continuing her clinical practice at NSW Health on casual basis.

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Professional Memberships

  • Australian Association of Gerontology (2023 - 2023)

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • School of Nursing and Midwifery
  • School of Nursing and Midwifery


Phone: (02) 9685 9395
Location: EB.LG.49

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Current Teaching Areas

  • NURS2041 Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • NURS7031 Mental Health Nursing Practice 2
  • NURS7076 Palliative and End of Life Care
  • PUBH7026 Supporting Aged Communities


Journal Articles

  • Peisah, C., Weaver, J., Wong, L. and Strukovski, J. (2014), 'Silent and suffering : a pilot study exploring gaps between theory and practice in pain management for people with severe dementia in residential aged care facilities', Clinical Interventions in Aging, vol 9 , pp 1767 - 1774.
  • Mo, F., Chung, W., Wong, L., Chun, D., Wong, K. and Chan, S. (2008), 'Experience of caregiving in caregivers of patients with first-episode psychosis', Hong Kong Journal of Psychiatry, vol 18, no 3 , pp 101 - 106.
  • Mo, F., Chung, W., Wong, L., Chun, D. and Wong, K. (2007), 'Expressed emotion in relatives of Chinese patients with first-episode psychosis in Hong Kong', Hong Kong Journal of Psychiatry, vol 17, no 2 , pp 38 - 44.
  • Fielding, R., Wong, L. and Ko, L. (1998), 'Strategies of information disclosure to Chinese cancer patients in an Asian community', Psycho-Oncology, vol 7, no 3 , pp 240 - 251.
  • Fielding, R., Ko, L. and Wong, L. (1995), 'Inconsistencies between belief and practice : assessment of Chinese cancer patients' knowledge of their disease', Journal of Cancer Care, vol 4 , pp 11 - 15.
  • Fielding, R., Ko, L., Wong, L., Hedley, A., Gilhooly, M. and Tam, F. (1994), 'Prevelance and determinants of diagnostic and prognostic disclosure by radiotherapists and surgeons to patients with terminal cancer in Hong Kong', Journal of the Hong Kong Medical Association, vol 46, no 3 , pp 220 - 230.

Principal Investigator

Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) Research Trust Grant in partnership with the Dementia Australia Research Foundation (DARF) - Strategic Innovation Program

Grant Title: The effectiveness of a co-designed and culturally adapted dementia support program for Chinese-Australian carers

Start Date: 25/07/2023

End Date: 24/01/2025

Funding Amount: $29,730.79

Leading University: Western Sydney University

This information has been contributed by Doctor Wong.

Current Projects

Title: The effectiveness of a co-designed and culturally adapted dementia support program for Chinese-Australian carer [Via Dementia Australia]
  • Australian Association of Gerontology
Western Researchers: Lisa Wong, Rita Chang and Cannas Kwok
Years: 2023-08-23 - 2025-02-25
ID: P00028861


Previous Supervision

Thesis Title: Psychological Screening and Referral to Psychological Support for Adults with a COPD Exacerbation in Ward and Outpatient Based Care
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