Doctor Sheeja Perumbil Pathrose

Doctor Sheeja Perumbil Pathrose

Academic Program Advisor, Bachelor of Nursing,
School of Nursing and Midwifery

Senior Lecturer,
School of Nursing and Midwifery


Dr. Sheeja Perumbil Pathrose is the Senior Lecturer in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Western Sydney University, Australia and has many years of experience in both at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Nursing program.Sheeja is a quantitative and mixed method researcher and her research has largely concentrated on studies that investigates practical aspects affecting vulnerable and sick infants and children.


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  • PhD Sri Ramachandra University

Professional Memberships

  • Cancer Nurses Society of Australia (2021 - 2022)
  • Australian College of Nursing (2021 - 2022)


  • Adolscent and young adult with cancer
  • Mindfulness
  • Neonatal Nursing
  • Vulnerable children

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • School of Nursing and Midwifery
  • School of Nursing and Midwifery


  • Academic Course Advisor-Liverpool Campus


Phone: (02) 9165 8653
Location: LP.03.04

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 401005 Human Relationships and Life Transitions, 2017
  • 401005 Human Relationships and Life Transitions, 2018
  • 401006 Bioscience 2, 2019
  • 401007 Approaches to Professional Nursing Practice, 2018
  • 401012 Professional Practice Experience 4, 2019
  • 401015 Health Variations 3, 2017
  • 401207 Health Variations 1 - Perioperative, 2018
  • 401208 Research for Nursing and Midwifery, 2018
  • NURS7065 Capstone Experience in Health Care, 2022


Journal Articles

  • Perumbil Pathrose, S., Patterson, P., Ussher, J., Everett, B., Salamonson, Y., McDonald, F., Biegel, G., He, S. and Ramjan, L. (2022), 'Feasibility, acceptability, and sychosocial outcomes of a mindfulness-based interactive e-book for young people with cancer', Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology, vol 11, no 1 , pp 27 - 34.
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  • Perumbil Pathrose, S., Spence, K., Taylor, C., Psaila, K., Schmied, V., Dahlen, H., Badawi, N., Gregory, K., Peters, K. and Foster, J. (2021), 'A cross-sectional survey of enteral feeding tube placement and gastric residual aspiration practices : need for an evidence-based clinical practice guideline', Advances in Neonatal Care, vol 21, no 5 , pp 418 - 424.
  • Thomas, S., Nesargi, S., Roshan, P., Raju, R., Mathew, S., Perumbil Pathrose, S. and Rao, S. (2018), 'Gastric residual volumes versus abdominal girth measurement in assessment of feed tolerance in preterm neonates : a randomized controlled trial', Advances in Neonatal Care, vol 18, no 4 , pp 13 - 19.
  • Shah, S., Heylen, E., Srinivasan, K., Perumbil Pathrose, S. and Ekstrand, M. (2014), 'Reducing HIV stigma among nursing students : a brief intervention', Western Journal of Nursing Research, vol 36, no 10 , pp 1323 - 1337.
  • Lang, T., Heylen, E., Perumbil Pathrose, S., Shet, A., Perumpil, M., Steward, W., Shamban, E. and Ekstrand, M. (2014), 'Quality of life and psychosocial well-being among children living with HIV at a care home in Southern India', Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies, vol 9, no 4 , pp 345 - 352.

Current Projects

Title: A randomized pilot study of the feasibility of a web-based mindfulness intervention for young people with cancer
  • Canteen
Western Researchers: Sheeja Perumbil Pathrose, Lucie Ramjan, Bronwyn Everett, Jane Ussher and Yenna Salamonson
Years: 2022-03-28 - 2023-04-30
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