Are we listening to patients? A study of unsolicited PATient Complaints at a tertiary care Hospital (The PATCH Study)

Unsolicited patient complaints reported to a large tertiary healthcare facility are a resource that can be utilised to improve safety and quality in healthcare services.

This study aims to examine the content of unsolicited patient complaints lodged with the Liverpool Hospital over a 12-month period in order to identify (i) the frequency and type of complaints; (ii) the characteristics of patient complainants; (iii) the types of complaints made in general and specifically about nursing and midwifery staff.  In addition, this study will qualitatively explore the issues motivating unsolicited complaints about nursing and midwifery staff and their underlying expectations.



Project Team:

Price, C (Liverpool Hospital), Spears K (Liverpool Hospital), McEvoy L (Liverpool Hospital), Hooper D (Liverpool Hospital) Sousa MS (CANR), Everett B (CANR)

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