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CANR would like to introduce you to our Higher Degree Research (HDR) and Honours students Maria Mares, Ibrahim Alananzeh, Paula Sanchez, Rafic Hussein and Della Maneze.

Maria, Ibrahim and Paula work out of our offices at the Ingham Institute at Liverpool, but will be on campus at the Western Sydney University from time to time. Rafic and Della are clinicians within the South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) and are undertaking further study at Western Sydney University. We welcome them warmly and wish them all the best in their research.

Maria MaresMaria Mares

Maria is undertaking research on cardiovascular health/cardiac rehabilitation. Her PhD project 'Raising health literacy awareness of patients with heart disease to improve self-management – The RHYTHM Study" aims to explore health literacy in people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds in the SWSLHD. Data collection is near completion both quantitative (survey questionnaire) and qualitative (interviews), recruitment is continuing at 5 sites in the cardiac rehabilitation program of the SWSLHD and 2 external sites. A tool, the Heart Health Self-Care Behaviour Tool (HH-SCBT) developed for the study has undergone psychometric testing through expert consensus process. Preliminary evidence established the tool's rigour and determined its excellent content validity, the early findings has been presented at the Health Beyond Research & Innovation Showcase in October 2016.

Supervision team: Associate Professor Bronwyn Everett, Professor Yenna Salamonson and Dr Rakime Elmir

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Paula Sanchez

As a recent recipient of an APA scholarship, Paula has commenced her doctoral studies at UWS undertaking a project to develop and test an oral health promotion program. This includes the development of an assessment tool and education program initiated by cardiac nurses in a cardiovascular rehabilitation setting. Paula, a CANR team member since 2011, has previously worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist/Educator for 18 years in the Liverpool Intensive Care Unit. Paula also works as an Associate Lecturer at Western Sydney University teaching in the undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing course.

Listen to Paula talk about her experience as a PhD student

Supervising team: Associate Professor Ajesh George, Professor Yenna Salamonson and Associate Professor Bronwyn Everett

IbrahimIbrahim Alananzeh

Ibrahim is a Registered Nurse with a clinical background in emergency nursing as well as three years of experience as a clinical instructor at the University of Jordan and teaching experience at Western Sydney University. His research interests lie in issues related to the psychological impact of cancer disease. His PhD project is focussed on exploring the unmet supportive care needs of Arab patients with cancer living in Australia and Jordan. In 2016 with support from an Ingham Institute Scholarship and funds donated by the Australian Arab Business Council, Ibrahim travelled to Jordan to complete data collection. He has had his first manuscript published by the Asian Pacific Journal of Oncology Nursing 2016 and has submitted his second paper on Recruiting Arab people to cancer research: Strategies for success to BMC Research Notes.

Supervision team: Associate Professor Bronwyn Everett, Dr Cannas Kwok and Dr Janelle Levesque

Rafic HusseinRafic Hussein

Rafic is a Nurse Unit Manager in the Intensive Care Unit at Liverpool Hospital and a part-time PhD student with the Centre of Applied Nursing Research (CANR). Rafic is undertaking a mixed-methods study to evaluate the effectiveness of Clinical Supervision practices in a New Graduate Nurse (NGN) transitional support program, to explore the experiences of new graduate nurses and how these impact on new graduates' work performance, professional development, and satisfaction. Rafic has published selected quantitative findings in the journal of Nursing Management and he is currently working on his third manuscript.

Supervision team: Associate Professor Bronwyn Everett, Professor Yenna Salamonson and Professor Wendy Hu

Della ManezeDella Maneze

Congratulations to Dr Della Maneze who’s thesis “Acculturation and Health-Seeking Behaviour Among Filipino Australians” was accepted and was awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy on 14 November 2017 by Western Sydney University. This is a significant personal and academic achievement, well done!

Della is a Health Promotion Officer in the SWSLHD. Her project is focused on acculturation and health-seeking behaviours of Filipino migrants living in Australia. She has published five papers from this study and one is currently under review. She is also the principal investigator of the ACCLAIM (Acculturation, Diabetes Knowledge, Self-Efficacy, Self-Management and HbA1c in patients with Type 2 Diabetes) study. A paper from this study has been published in the Journal of Diabetes Research.

Supervision team: Associate Professor Bronwyn Everett, Professor Yenna Salamonson, Dr Michelle DiGiacomo and Professor Patricia Davidson

Former Students

Muhammad Alqudah 

Management of fever in children: health literacy intervention for low literacy mothers attending the ED.

  • Funding: $10,000 from Reckitt Benckiser Australia Best Senior Research Paper for 2013.
  • UWS Research Futures Forum June 2013. Submitted June 2014.

Ghada El Ayoubi

Ghada's research was focused on risk factors associated with multi-resistant organism (MRO) infections acquired by patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU). Both clinical factors such as increased use of antibiotics, invasive devices, co-morbidities and immunosuppressive therapy, and non-clinical factors such as length of hospitalisation, bed transfers and nurse-patient ratios have been shown to be risk factors for MRO acquisition. In this retrospective study, Ghada explored the role these factors played in patient acquisition of ICU-acquired MROs.

Supervision team: Associate Professor Bronwyn Everett, Professor Yenna Salamonson and  Dr Lucie Ramjan

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