Engaging Nurses and Midwives in Shaping Organisational Culture: The EPIC Project

Organisational culture, the shared beliefs and values of employees within an organisation, is known to influence organisational commitment, performance and job satisfaction. Furthermore,. organisational culture has also been shown to be a mediator between leadership behaviour and organisational performance, which includes a culture of organisational safety.

Camden and Campbelltown Hospitals are undergoing significant redevelopment and expansion and this will have an impact on the organisational structure. The success of restructuring and change can be improved by creating opportunities for staff input and contributions while the changes are contemplated, planned and introduced.

The overall aim of this research project is to engage nurses and midwives working at Camden and Campbelltown Hospitals during this period of expansion and redevelopment to shape the organisational culture. Specifically, the study aims to explore the relationship of organisational culture, leadership styles, safety culture and job satisfaction among nurses and midwives in this practice setting. Additionally, the relationship between these variables and participants' characteristics will also be examined. Finally, the study aims to gain insight into participants' views and experiences about the organisational culture, leadership styles, organisational performance and job satisfaction during a period of organisational change.



Project Team:

Salamonson Y (Western Sydney University), Everett B (CANR), Kenmir K (Camden and Campbelltown Hospital SWSLHD), Warner B (Camden and Campbelltown Hospital SWSLHD), Smith L (Liverpool)

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