Employee assistance program

1 in 5 Australians will experience a mental health condition in any given year. Western Sydney University recognises that how we deal with these challenges, and how quickly people bounce back, is dependent on several factors including the support we receive.

What is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

EAP is a professional, confidential coaching service for employees and their immediate family members (spouse, partner, parents, parent’s in-law, children, etc), paid for by the University. It is free for you and your family.

EAP is a short-term, solution focused program aimed at assisting with personal or work related issues that may be impacting on quality of life or sense of well-being. It can be accessed 24/7, and includes face-to-face sessions, or telephone assistance.

This service is provided by an independent company called AccessEAP counsellors are all qualified, experienced professionals who have extensive training in coaching, counselling and workplace consulting.

Complimentary Webinars

We provide complimentary Manager and Employee Monthly Awareness Webinars. View these any time by clicking and registering using the links below!

EAP Awareness for Employees (opens in a new window)

EAP Awareness for Managers (opens in a new window)

Monthly Themed Self Help Webinars

Western would like to invite you to participate in a recorded webinar ‘Financial Wellbeing’. The training will be delivered by IMFG, a specialist financial services firm, partnering with AccessEAP to provide financial coaching services for its customers.

Financial Coaching Webinar

Financial Coaching (PDF, 417.23 KB) (opens in a new window)

Managing your Finances (PDF, 307.13 KB) (opens in a new window)

Stress Awareness Building Resilience Webinar

Western would like to invite you to participate in a recorded webinar ‘Stress Awareness Building Resilience’. The training is delivered by AccessEAP, and aims to provide information about the nature and impact of stress and offers an overview of skills required to build resilience as an effective response to stress in the workplace. The webinar outlines key strategies that can assist you to build a resilient response to stress in order to improve general wellbeing and functioning.

Food and Mood Webinar 

Western would like to invite you to participate in a recorded webinar ‘Food and Mood’. The training is delivered by AccessEAP, and aims to provide information on how food choices impact brain function and mood, and provides practical tips to develop healthy eating habits at home and at work, for optimal health.

Mental Health Awareness

Western invites you to participate in a recorded webinar ‘Mental Health Awareness’. The training is delivered by AccessEAP, and aims to provide participants with a greater understanding of mental health issues, factors that make people more vulnerable to mental health issues, and what they can do to support someone they know or suspect is vulnerable. The session also provides practical support around developing a plan for responding to potential risk of suicide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What assistance does the EAP provide?

EAP services are free, confidential and voluntary. They provide a variety of services that can assist with a range of work, personal or family  challenges including:

  • Developing new strategies on professional or personal goals
  • Improving relationships/communication with others
  • Strategies for handling conflict
  • Handling anxiety and stress
  • Assistance with financial and legal distress
  • Grief and loss support
  • Feeling depressed or down
  • Improving work performance
  • Feeling overwhelmed and distracted

What does EAP cost?

EAP services are offered free of charge to Western Sydney University staff and members of their immediate family.  The costs associated with EAP is covered by the University.

How many sessions are available?

A total of 6 sessions are available per person or family each year.

How can I access the EAP?

The EAP can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergency support can be accessed via 1800 81 87 28.

You can also make an appointment by calling 1800 81 87 28 or by downloading the AccessEAP app.

How confidential is EAP?

Western Sydney University receives no personal information about your access to or use of EAP services. Information you provide the counsellor is not shared with others and is strictly confidential.