About the WHSW Unit

The Work Health Safety and Wellbeing (WHSW) Unit is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of WHSW professionals who have many years of industry experience and who hold tertiary qualifications in health and safety, risk management, workers compensation and rehabilitation.

Our unit aims to assist management and staff to establish an atmosphere and culture within the University that will encourage every person to work in a safe manner and to care for the health and safety of other people and the environment.

Contact PersonSpecialist Area

Jules Smalley
Associate Director, Work Health and Safety and Wellbeing
(02) 9852 5177

Executive reporting. WHSW strategy and governance. Health and safety management systems. WHSW consultation.
WHSW Coordinator
(02) 9852 5178
Incident management. General WHSW training and advice. Contractor management. Risk management. Hygiene and toxicology.
Kris Ambrose
WHSW Technical Coordinator (Laboratories)
(02) 9685 9959
Chemical and biologicals health safety advice and training. Laboratory health and safety advice. Chemical information system management. Member of the Biosafety and Radiation Safety Committee (BRSC).
Jessica Nour
Injury Management Coordinator
(02) 9852 5180        
Workers compensation and injury management. Injury prevention strategies.
Dearne Richards
WHS & Wellbeing Officer
(02) 9852 5179        
Coordination for health and wellbeing initiatives such as SafeWork Month and R U OK Day. Operational support for health and safety initiatives. Ergonomic assessments.
WHS & Wellbeing Support Officer
(02) 9852 5154
Operational support for health, safety and wellbeing initiatives. Implementation of health and wellbeing initiatives. First aid and emergency warden contact lists. Administration of WHSW training programs.