R U OK Day

R U OK? - Poster

Thursday, 8 September 2022 is RUOK? Day. This year, we are hosting events across all Western campuses and online. RUOK? Day is a National Day of Action across Australia, and reminds us to take time to check-in with our friends, family and colleagues and ask RUOK?

RUOK? Day is about caring and fostering a sense of community. It encourages being aware of others, checking how people are going, having sometimes difficult conversations, asking what people need and connecting them to appropriate support if required. It’s often said that the worries that keep us up at night aren’t as bad once we’ve shared them with a friend.

Join us for RUOK? Day events and learn how to create a Wellbeing Plan and keep your mental health and wellbeing in the best shape possible. Pick up some handy RUOK? Day resources and find out what additional supports are available when someone isn’t ok. Free morning teas will run across all Western campuses and are open to both staff and students.

WHAT'S ON – RUOK? DAY | Thursday, 8 September 2022

Free activities for students and staff

Morning Tea | 10.00 am - 1.00 pm

Join us for morning tea on each campus.

  • Outdoors at Kingswood, Hawkesbury, Campbelltown, Parramatta South, Bankstown
  • Indoors at Nirimba, Sydney City, Liverpool, Parramatta City (1PSQ)

Staff and Student Support Services Stall | 10.00 am - 1.00 pm

Chat to Student Wellbeing Services and WHS&W members about what supports are available and how to access these. Pick up a Wellbeing Plan, Access EAP, WHS & Wellbeing resources, and RUOK? Day conversation guides.

All campuses

Letting Go Collaborative Artwork | 10.00 am - 1.00 pm

Write down something you would like to “let go” of and tie it up as part of our collaborative artwork.

All campuses

Wear Yellow to Work/Uni | 10.00 am - 1.00 pm

Students and staff are encouraged to Wear Yellow to Work/Uni in support of RUOK? Day.

All campuses

Therapy Dogs

Come and pat an adorable puppy.

Kingswood and Campbelltown campuses

Kite Making

Make a kite and fly it high in the sky.

Kingswood and Hawkesbury campuses

Craft Session

Get creative and crafty. Make a stress ball and other creative explorations.

Campbelltown and Bankstown campuses

Colouring In Activity

Take a moment for some mindful colouring in.

Kingswood, Campbelltown, Bankstown, Liverpool, Hawkesbury, Parramatta South, Parramatta City (1PSQ) and Hassall St campuses

3 Minute Angels Massages

Relax and unwind with a massage.

Liverpool, Parramatta City (1PSQ) and Hassall St campuses

Fitness Activity | 11.00 am - 12.00 pm

60 minutes of fitness including a 30-minute boxing/self-defence demonstration and a 30-minute fitness session, practising skills.

Parramatta South campus – on the grass area outside of the Student Hub

Music Performance |1.00 pm - 2.00 pm

Hear students from the Bachelor of Music program perform fantastic live music. Be aware and enjoy the sounds.

Kingswood campus - The Playhouse, Building D

Sydney City Campus

  • Monday – Art Making and Counselling
  • Tuesday – Mental Health Live Bingo
  • Wednesday, 7 September – Noodles and Doodles
  • Thursday, 8 September – RUOK Sea of Hands (messages of kindness) and Morning Tea

Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park will hold an RUOK? Day morning tea with Support Services information, on Friday, 9 September 2022.


Next Practice Western Sydney Integrative Health

  • Tai Chi – relax, unwind, and become mindful with an online Tai Chi session sponsored by Next Practice Western Sydney Integrative Health.
    Register via WesternLIFE here: https://au.cglink.me/2ih/r47546

For Staff Only

We look forward to seeing you at the Western RUOK? Day Events. For more information on how to ask RUOK? plus resources, guides and more, go to RU OK? (opens in a new window)

For more information, please see RUOK? Day and Staff Support Services.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the combined RUOK? Day events. These include Work Health Safety & Wellbeing, Mental Health and Wellbeing Team, Student Events, International Student Welfare, Student Community, Western Success, Assoc. Prof. Helen Stallman, Counselling Service, Disability Service, Welfare Service, Student Wellbeing Services, Equity and Diversity, The College, NICM Health Research Institute and Next Practice WSIH, Sydney City Campus, NICM, AccessEAP, OEC, Campus Safety and Security, Office of Marketing and Communications, Mental Health and Wellbeing Champions, WSU Boxing Society, Bachelor of Music Staff and Students, Provosts who have funded morning teas and other support events, Chartwells Catering, Cruzing Catering, all student and staff volunteers, and all collaborative partnerships. Thank you.

RU OK? Day

RUOK? Day is a vital opportunity to stop and check in with your friends, family, and colleagues to ask, “RUOK?” You don't need to be an expert to reach out - just a good friend and a great listener. Stay connected and make asking RUOK, part of your everyday.

How to Ask R U OK?

R U OK - 4 Steps

  1. Ask R U OK?
    • Pick your moment. Start the conversation at a time and in a place where you’ll both be comfortable.
    • If they can’t talk when you approach them, arrange a better time with them.
    • Be relaxed and friendly in your approach. Think about how you can ease into the conversation.
    • If they don’t want to talk let them know you’ll always be ready for them when they are or ask if there’s someone else they’d be more comfortable chatting to.
  2. Listen with an open mind
    • Be prepared to listen. Don’t try and solve their problems right away.
    • Have an open mind.
    • Don’t rush the, or interrupt. Let them speak in their own time.
    • Encourage them to explain.
    • Show you’ve listened by repeating back what you have heard and asking if you have understood them correctly.
  3. Encourage action
    • Once they’ve opened up, encourage them to access support or to do something that might lighten the load
    • You don’t have to have the answers or be able to offer professional health advice, but you can help them consider the next steps and actions they can take to manage their situation. Some good options might include talking to family, a trusted friend, their doctor, or another appropriate health professional.
    • You can also suggest they think about what’s worked for them or helped in the past when they’ve felt this way or faced similar challenges.
    • Things that help them relax or bring them joy might include going for a walk, seeing a movie, watching or playing some sport etc.
  4. Check in
    • Pop a reminder in your diary to drop in or call them in a couple of weeks. If they’re really struggling, follow up with them sooner.
    • Ask them how they’re feeling and if they’ve found ways to better manage their situation. If they haven’t done anything, be encouraging and remind them you’re always there if they need a chat. Remember that for now they might just need someone to lend a listening ear.
    • Understand that it can sometimes take a long time for someone to be ready to see a health professional. Try to reinforce the benefits of seeking professional help and suggest they try different avenues.
    • If they’ve had a bad experience with a helpline or doctor, encourage them to keep trying. You could ask, “Would it be useful if we tried some other options to help you get through this?”
    • Stay in touch and be there for them. Genuine care and concern can make a real difference.

For more information on how to ask R U OK? See How to Ask R U OK? (opens in a new window)

Download the 4 steps poster here  (PDF, 2364.44 KB) (opens in a new window)

Support is available

If you ask someone, or even yourself, RUOK? And the answer is No, support is available.

  • Staff can use the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) AccessEAP (opens in a new window) on 1800 818 728 for access to free Counselling.