Emergency management

Emergencies can occur at any time and may have a significant impact on the University's operations. The University has invested considerable resources into emergency preparedness, response, and recovery.

Campus Safety and Security provide a 24-hour emergency response. If you have called emergency services, please call Campus Saftey and Security immediately afterwards on 1300 737 003.

Frequently asked questions

What is an emergency?

An emergency is any event that could:

  • Jeopardise the safety of persons on or near a site owned or occupied by the University.
  • Result in significant damage to property or equipment owned by the University.
  • Significantly disrupt the normal business operations of the University or its contractors.
  • Result in death or catastrophic injury to a person/s on campus.

What types of emergencies can occur within the University?

Typical events which could impact the University include but may not be limited to:

  • air-conditioning contamination
  • biological hazard
  • bomb threat
  • chemical spill
  • civil disorder
  • evacuation
  • explosion or fire
  • flooding or water leakage
  • gas leak
  • lift emergency
  • medical emergency
  • motor vehicle accident
  • power failure
  • seismic disturbance
  • storm or extreme wind
  • suspicious packages and/or mail
  • violent/threatening person or armed hold up