Smoke free environment

Western Sydney University is a smoke-free environment. For the health and wellbeing of all students, workers and visitors, the University became completely smoke-free in 2014 with the implementation of the Smoke-Free Environment Policy .

The Smoke-Free Environment Policy applies to all forms of tobacco smoking - cigarettes, cigars and water pipe tobacco, and applies to anyone on University premises, including students, workers and visitors. . Compliance with the policy is a condition of employment, for University workers and a condition of enrolment for students. Anyone who smokes on campus may be issued an infringement notice under the Smoke-Free Environment Act, which is currently $550.

The University recognises that:

  • Individuals have the right to choose whether to smoke.
  • Non-smoking staff and students have the right to work and study in an environment that is not polluted by environmental tobacco smoke.

Frequency Asked Questions

Are all campuses smoke-free?

Yes. On 1 January 2014, the Smoke-Free Policy came into effect, and smoking is now prohibited on all Western Sydney University premises.

Who does the policy affect?

The Smoke-Free Environment Policy applies to anyone on University premises, including staff, students and visitors.  If you are hosting an event or meeting, or engaging external services or suppliers, please ensure they are aware of the policy.

Why are we smoke-free?

Western Sydney University is committed to the health and wellbeing of staff and students. The Introduction of the Smoke-Free Environment Policy will help provide a healthy and safe environment for work and study.

The University has an obligation under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, students and visitors. The University also has an obligation under the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000 to prohibit smoking in enclosed public places under its control.

In January 2013, the University introduced designated smoking areas as a step toward making the University smoke-free. In May 2013, when reviewing feedback from the Tobacco Working Group, the University Executive decided that from 1 January 2014, the University would become completely smoke-free, aligning best practice education and research with best practice policy. This decision followed a review of the Environmental Tobacco Smoke Policy, including the use of designated smoking areas, and compliance with the policy.

The decision to go smoke-free also aligns with the University's formal partnership with NSW Population Health, which promotes a range of healthy lifestyle initiatives to support the health and wellbeing of students and staff.

Have other Universities gone smoke-free?

Yes. A number of Australian universities have adopted similar smoke-free campus policies. Many other universities have introduced designated smoking areas as a first step towards smoke-free campuses.

Are student residences affected by his policy?

Yes, smoking is prohibited on all University premises, including student residences.

Will there be any designated smoking areas on campus?

All designated smoking areas have been removed as it is now prohibited to smoke anywhere on campus.

What do I do if I see someone smoking on campus?

It is everyone's right and responsibility to maintain a healthy workplace. If you see someone smoking, please politely remind them of the Smoke-Free Environment Policy and ask them to stop smoking. If you do not feel comfortable approaching someone, please contact Campus Safety and Security.

What is the penalty for people who smoke on campus?

Any staff, student or visitor found smoking on campus may be issued an infringement notice under the Smoke-Free Environment Act, which is currently $550.

I've noticed smoking litter on campus or at the entrances to campus. Who do I tell?

If you see smoking litter accumulating at University entrances or anywhere on campus, please advise Office of Estate and Commercial by completing the Client Services Request Form.

Where do I go to smoke?

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on University premises or within 100 metres of any campus entrance.

What support does the University provide if I want to quit smoking?

Western Sydney University supports the efforts of staff and students to make positive changes to their health and wellbeing.

Students can contact the University's Counselling Service or Student Welfare Service for advice and assistance. To make an appointment with a Counsellor, call 1300 668 370 or email

Staff members can access free, confidential counselling via the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). To make an appointment, call 1800 81 87 28 and mention you are from Western Sydney University.

Contact us

For more information about the Smoke-Free Campuses initiative, please contact Work Health and Safety via the Contact Us page.