Sample Preparation Guidelines

Sample Preparation Guidelines

Mass spectrometry is a highly robust method of analysis for peptides, proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules. However, there are some general guidelines that are important to remember for sample preparation when using mass spectrometry.

The quantities of sample needed for mass spectrometry analysis are almost vanishingly small (on the order of picomoles and femtomoles). While some biological applications may require these limits, a more common problem within the facility has been utilizing high concentrations of samples. Overloading the mass spectrometers can result in contamination through subsequent samples, loss of sensitivity of the mass spectrometer and damage to the LC system.

Contact facility staff for advice before preparing your sample. The way you prepare your sample can effect the quality of the final data. 

Below are general guidelines only, these resources are provided on the Scripps Centre for Mass Spectrometry site:

Sample Preparation Room
Sample Preparation Laboratory