Research Management Solution (RMS)

“We will re-imagine research services, empowering researchers to focus their time and effort on conducting research, whilst improving administrative functionality and reporting capability.”

Professor Deborah Sweeney
Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President (Research, Enterprise & International)

The objectives of the Research Management Solution (RMS) initiative are to:

  1. Streamline processes – we will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our business processes.
  2. Provide a positive experience – we will provide a positive experience for our researchers, HDR candidates, and stakeholders as they undertake their research.
  3. Leverage technology – we will fully leverage contemporary information systems and sound data management practices.

4 values - Create a positive user experience, focus on people, streamline processes and leverage technology

Project Scope

Higher Degree Research

Research Ethics

Digital transformation of paper and email workflows used for HDR candidature management.


  • Supervisor registration
  • Thesis submission and examination
  • Examiner selection
  • Milestone management
  • Candidature variation

New technology and digital workflows for the end-to-end management of research ethics.


  • Digital committee agendas
  • Human, animal and biosafety application forms
  • Ethics amendments

Researcher Public Profiles

Research Publication Harvesting

Modernisation of the tools available to researchers to profile and promote their research online.


  • Refresh of the current public profile pages for academic staff
  • Automated ingestion of data from other systems
  • Ability for academic staff to configure their own profile
  • Discoverability via search engines

New technology and workflows to harvest and curate publication metadata from researchers and publishers.


  • Automated harvesting of data
  • Publication management workflows
  • Dissemination of data to other systems

Research Funding & Projects

Institutional Repository

New technology and digital workflows for the research project lifecycle, encompassing the management of research grants and projects.


  • Pre-award
  • Post-award
  • Progress management
  • Pricing and costing
  • Reduced re-entry of data across systems

Implementation of a contemporary platform for the deposit and curation of research outputs.


  • Replacement of ResearchDirect
  • Automated integration with other research management systems

The RMS initiative is supported by a collaboration of staff from Information, Technology and Digital Services (ITDS), Research Services, the Graduate Research School, Schools and Institutes, and the Library.