ResearchMaster: The Future of Managing Research at Western

The Graduate Research School (GRS) along with Information Technology and Digital Services (ITDS) are working to build a research management ecosystem that empowers you – our researchers, administrators, research leaders and candidates, to focus your time and efforts on activities that deliver more world changing research.

Since this initiative began in 2019, we have set out to...

  • Improve the user experience of our Candidates, Researchers, Professional and Academic staff, so that there is more time to focus on what they love
  • Work collaboratively with our colleagues across Research Services and beyond to ensure we are improving on current administrative pain-points, and listening to feedback
  • Reduce the administrative burden and improve current processes that are slow and clunky
  • Deliver a system that will help make jobs easier - not harder

4 values - Create a positive user experience, focus on people, streamline processes and leverage technology

What's in the Pipeline for 2022?

We're focussing on 1 area: Higher Degree Research (HDR) Candidature Management, which launched  to Schools and Institutes on August 22nd!

There are other priority areas too, such as Ethics, Research Funding and Projects, Researcher Profiles, Research Publication Harvesting and Institutional Repositories.. These priorities are in our sights, and we’re looking forward exploring the transformational possibilities in 2023 and beyond.

Getting Started!

Head to the HDR Candidature button to learn more about the changes and access learning materials in the 'Learning Portal'.