Research Management Solution

The Vision

Re-imagine research services, empowering researchers to focus their time and effort on conducting research, whilst improving administrative functionality and reporting capability.

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research & Innovation, Deborah Sweeney, 2018

Reimagining Research Services

What does this mean?

The re-imagination of research services at Western Sydney University is a plan supported by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research and Innovation, Deborah Sweeney, to help to improve how we manage research overall.

An integral part of that plan is to procure, implement and deliver technology and service improvements that will support the research life cycle: ethics, funding, publications, public profiles and Higher Degree Research (HDR) students. This will be known as the Research Management Solution (RMS).

Why do we need a new RMS?

In support of the Research and Development Plan 2018-2022, an important aspect of Western's research growth is to ensure that a new RMS will benefit researchers and administrators as they manage all facets of research management. This includes but is not limited to a number of possibilities, such as:

  • more visibility for researchers surrounding their ethics and funding applications;
  • more streamlined information;
  • greater reporting capability for the University;
  • a single source of truth; and
  • seamless User Experience (UX).

What has been happening?

Over the last year, the RMS Project team has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that a new solution is selected which is best suited to our needs. A number of activities have taken place, with some being:

  • A Request for Information (RFI): As a part of the recommended University procurement process, this provided a clear understanding of what products were available in the marketplace;
  • Scan of the Research Solutions across the Australian Higher Education Sector: The project team has actively engaged with Universities across Australia to gain insight;
  • First RMS Roadshow: one way to actively engage with the research community across most of our campuses; and
  • Request for Tender (RFT): Submissions closed in January 2019 for vendors to respond to our requirements.

For more information, please see our RMS Project Brief or contact us below. Stay tuned, there will be some major developments this year.

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