Research Participation Opportunities

Are you interested in the research undertaken by Western Sydney University? Would you be interested in helping our research by becoming a research participant? If so, please browse through the list of current research projects below.

The study-specific information below provides details on the research, the level of participation (which may vary from simple questionnaires through to more involved clinical procedures) and the criteria for participation (volunteers must qualify for a study).

By participating in a clinical trial you will play a critical role in helping us advance the treatment and understanding of many diseases and conditions, and improve the care provided to others. By donating your time to any project you will help us advance the knowledge in that area.

All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence. These projects have been granted ethics approval by the University's Human Research Ethics Committee.

We are currently seeking participants for the following research projects:

Acupuncture for the treatment of endometriosis related chronic pelvic pain
We need healthy female volunteers aged 21 to 41 to help us understand if healthy women process pain differently to women with endometriosis.


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