Next Generation Sequencing Facility

Located at Western Sydney University's Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, the Next Generation Sequencing Facility offers Illumina's sequencing technology for internal staff and students, external researchers and industry.

Highlights of our Service

  • Comprehensive support throughout the whole next-gen project including initial consulting service
  • Proven excellence in customer service with many satisfied customers from leading academic institutions and industry
  • Extensive experience in processing environmental samples with a particular focus on metagenomic applications
  • Guaranteed high level of personalised service

DNA extraction

  • We offer DNA extraction services for your sequencing project .
  • We extract DNA from plant, soil and faecal samples.

Illumina NovaSeq 6000

  • The NovaSeq 6000 allows for a quicker and more cost-effective approach to high-throughput applications (maximum run time – 2 days; up to 3Tb of data).
  • The sequencer provides more flexibility in terms of sequencing methods, flow cells and read lengths. This enables it to support a large range of libraries, including transcriptome sequencing and whole genome sequencing.
  • Paired-end directional RNA-Seq including DNase treatment and rRNA-depletion

Illumina MiSeq

  • Full service for your amplicon projects (bacterial, fungal and archaeal) using Illumina v3 2x300bp paired-end sequencing and up to 384 multiplex samples per run

A broad range of NGS Applications

  • De novo sequencing and resequencing using Illumina TruSeq chemistry
  • Modified Illumina TruSeq protocol for low DNA input (as little as 30ng)
  • Targeted enrichment (Illumina, Agilent and Roche)
  • Standard Illumina TruSeq mRNA-Seq using polyA selection
  • Paired-end strand specific RNA-Seq using Epicentre RNA-Script kit
  • rRNA removal using Epicentre Ribo-Zero and Ribo- Zero Gold
  • New TruSeq multiplex ChiP-Seq, nucleosome DNA sequencing and MBD-seq (methylated DNA binding domain sequencing);

Our Service Includes

  • Initial Quality Control (QC) of your samples including a detailed QC report (LabChip, Qubit and Tapestation traces)
  • Quality Control of your enriched libraries including the Tapestation traces
  • Quality scores of your sequencing data including lane statistics and multiplexing report

Advantages of our Service

  • Illumina Certified Service Provider (CSPro) targets delivery of the highest quality data with proven customer service excellence
  • Highly reproducible results supported by fully automated standardized NGS procedures
  • Our modified protocols allow for improved library preparation from input materials of poor quality or with limited amounts