Research Integrity and Ethics

Western Sydney University is committed to the highest standards of integrity in conducting research. Research integrity and ethical research are not simply matters of compliance. The research enterprise is a deeply social activity and is embedded in trust – trust among researchers and the emerging researchers they supervise; trust between researchers and those who support their endeavour by participating in research, and trust between researchers and the community which values their creation of new knowledge and hopes that there will be benefits for all arising from the research effort.

Research by University researchers and students must be carried out in accordance with the Research Code of Practice (opens in a new window) and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2018) (opens in a new window)

Academic Senate has endorsed the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity (opens in a new window) and the Montreal Statement on Research Integrity in Cross-Boundary Research Collaborations (opens in a new window)

The University provides resources, advice and assistance to researchers navigating the structured aspects of governance and compliance that are necessarily also part of conducting ethical research.