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Clyde Refinery Process East - Alkylation Unit 2011

New exhibition explores the human story of the Clyde Refinery

An exhibition at the Whitlam Institute reveals the very human side of what was the oldest oil refinery in Australia.

Upside Down Again sculpture

Doorway to award for international artist

Upside Down Again sculpture by Norwegian artist Hilde A. Danielsen has won the 2014 University of Western Sydney’s UrbanGrowth People Choice Awards.

Greer Taylor sculpture reprieve

2014 UWS Sculpture Awards winners announced

Three artists scoop the prizes at the tenth UWS Sculpture Awards. The winner of the 2014 UWS Sculpture Award is Greer Taylor for her sculpture 'reprieve'.

Myth and culture come to life at 2014 UWS Sculpture Awards

A half man, half wookie and a woven 90 kilogram Hive are some of the inspiring sculptures on display.

It's Timely: Contemporary artists examine the Whitlam legacy

An exhibition of new artworks inspired by the two iconic speeches Gough Whitlam delivered in Blacktownis now on display.

Artists at opening

Nostalgia, an exhibition for those who would love to return to their passion

A series of images celebrating life in Greater Western Sydney form the centre piece of a new exhibition at the UWS art gallery.

Art & Music exhibition opening

Exhibition to celebrate International Day of People with Disability opens

An exhibition to celebrate International Day of People with Disability opened at the Margot Hardy Gallery on the Bankstown campus on Sunday 2 November.


New exhibition captures configurations of the human body and nature

A new exhibition opening at the UWS Art Gallery on Saturday 9 November brings to life configurations of the female human body and nature through sculpture.

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