Culturally infused calligraphy at Western

Western Sydney University played host to renowned artist and calligrapher Hisam Selmo, whose painstaking work was displayed at the Parramatta South campus, in early September.

Mr Selom founded the Association of Arabic Calligraphy in Syria in 2010 and has become a member of many Arabic calligraphy associations since 2006. He participated in writing parts of the Holy Quran from 2011 to 2017 and has staged exhibitions in Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, in addition to participating in many calligraphy festivals and receiving numerous prizes. In Australia, Mr Selom inscribed the 99-domed Punchbowl mosque with the 99 names of Allah in gold Islamic calligraphy.

Organised by PhD Candidate with the School of Education, Salma Alshehri, the exhibition Arabic Calligraphy: the Language of the Soul, focused on fostering intercultural understanding through Arabic Calligraphy education.

“I invited Mr. Haisam Selmo to share his expertise in Arabic Calligraphy with Western Sydney University students and display of his Calligraphic Artwork with live demonstration sessions throughout the exhibition.

“It provided the opportunity to share the beauty of Arabic Calligraphy, its history and the richness of its cultural and life-affirming aesthetic forms, in Australia and beyond,” said Salma.

Visitors from the university community and beyond, including Melbourne and Canberra, attended gaining a unique insight into the culture of Islamic art, particularly through Mr Haisam Selmo generously giving out names written in Arabic calligraphy.


19 September, 2018

Media Unit