Drawn by Nature exhibition now open

Crystal Sound, Geoff ScottCrystal Sound, Geoff Scott

The latest masterpieces to be featured in the exhibition space at Western Sydney University’s Penrith campus denote the symbiotic relationship between art and nature.

Western Sydney University art curator, Monica McMahon, says the ‘Drawn by Nature’ exhibition brings together photographs, art and poetry to highlight the hidden beauty of our planet.

The two featured artists are:

Diana Bell

Diana Bell is based in Oxford, UK where she has won awards for her public sculpture and services to the city of Oxford, as well as her work with children. She has exhibited widely in the UK and Europe, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Greece, as well as Russia. Her work includes sculpture, installation, public art and painting.

Geoff Scott

Geoff Scott is an Emeritus Professor of Higher Education and Sustainability at Western Sydney University. His main interest in photography and poetry has been around sustainability and the nature of place, in particular perceptions of beauty, in both its broadest form and close up.

The works of both artists pose questions about how humans respond to the environment and the future developing relationship with the planet, by focusing upon harsh environments – desert and ice.

Magic patterns of mysterious hills and alleys, Diana BellMagic patterns of mysterious hills and valleys, Diana Bell

The photographs in the exhibition were taken by Geoff Scott during his travels to the Antarctic in early 2017.

Diana Bell produced the paintings after a plane trip across the Australia desert. Each piece depicts the extraordinary structures of the Australian landscape, using minimalist compositions of line and colour.

Venue: Western Sydney University Gallery, Building AD, Penrith (Werrington North) Campus
Date: 15 March - 15 June 2018
Open: Monday - Friday, 9.00 am - 5.00 pm


19 March 2018

Pictures: Monica McMahon

Danielle Roddick, Senior Media Officer.