The University's Travel and Expense Management System (TEMS) is the online tool to use for managing all your University expenses including Corporate Credit Card Expenses, Travel Expenses, Out of Pocket Expenses and Cash Advances. Only one expense report should be submitted each month which can include just one or all of the these expense types. The TEMS system is used to support both staff and student expenses.

The University's Travel and Expense Support Team provides support to assist all staff with completing the expense activities in TEMS. Students should seek assistance from administration staff in their respective, School / Institute / Division for support.

Corporate Credit Card Expenses

The University Corporate Credit Card is an alternative purchasing and payment system for staff which improves payment performance, simplifies processes, provides more effective cash management and enhances service delivery. Expenses incurred on University Corporate Credit Cards are required to be acquitted in TEMS on a monthly basis. The University Corporate Credit Card Policy (opens in a new window) includes the procedure on how to apply for a Corporate Credit Card, detailing the responsibilities of the card holder, the conditions of use and appropriate and inappropriate uses of the Card.

Out of Pocket Expenses

Staff and Students seeking reimbursement for Out of Pocket Expenses they have incurred on behalf of the University for minor business and travel expenditure and emergency purchases, are required to submit an expense claim in TEMS. Staff are encouraged to fully utilise Corporate Credit Cards for minor business expenditure and emergency purchases rather than using cash. The University Personal and Discretionary Expenditures Policy (opens in a new window) provides direction and guidance for staff to consider and assess before using University funds.

Cash Advances

University employees and students can request a Cash Advance when submitting a travel request based on estimated costs where pre-payments or the use of a Corporate Credit Card is not possible. Cash Advances are limited to $1000 for International travel and $500 for Domestic travel unless specifically approved by the Executive Director, Financial Operations. The Office of Finance must receive 14 calendar days notice so the payment can be made before departure. Cash Advances are paid into the traveller's bank account and must be acquitted no later than 10 working days upon return. Travellers must identify and certify all costs that have been paid from the Advance and any unused monies from the allotted Advance are to be paid back to the University immediately through Payments (opens in a new window).

Mileage Claims

Staff Mileage Claims for private vehicles must be submitted to HR via Staff Online (opens in a new window) (not TEMS) using the Mileage Claim Form, and be approved by the staff member's designated supervisor. The University Motor Vehicle - Private Vehicle Use Reimbursement Policy (opens in a new window) outlines the matters to be considered when seeking approval to use a private motor vehicle for University business travel, and the procedures to claim reimbursement for such use.