University wide advocacy

Making and changing policy

Policies are the rules and procedures by which members of the University community operate. The policy structure at Western Sydney University is developed and maintained by the Policy and Governance unit. The database of all active policies is available online with additional information about their history and implementation.

All University policies are developed and reviewed according to the Policy Development Review Cycle and most draft policies should be made available for public comment. This is where you have the opportunity to comment on proposed changes as a student.

Polices are regularly posted for comment on the Policy Bulletin Board - you're encouraged to comment using this tool. We value your comments on policy and we may contact you with further questions. The Policy and Governance unit keeps a record of comments made via the Policy Bulletin Board and passes them to the person or group responsible for each policy. The Student Rights Advocate also regularly comments on policy from a student perspective and also, where appropriate, promotes opportunities to comment on policy. If you would like to comment on a policy but are not sure how, please contact the Student Rights Advocate for assistance.

If you have an issue with an existing policy and would like to make a comment or suggestion on how to improve it, please contact the Student Voice Officer or the Policy and Governance unit.

Academic policy and Academic Committees

All Academic (Teaching and Learning) policy has to be approved by Academic Senate and its Committees. The Senate and Committees is made up of academic and professional staff as well as student representatives.

Find out more about student representatives on Academic Committees and how to get involved.

Higher Degree Research (HDR) students

HDR Coffee Breaks - the Student Rights Advocate meets with groups of HDR students at each campus throughout the year for a general catch up over coffee and to answer any questions or issues they have, such as access to resources or issues with supervision. Any recent news or changes at the University which effect HDR students is also discussed. If you are an HDR student and are interested in coming along for a coffee and a chat, feel free to contact the Student Rights Advocate.

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