Exam timetable

Formal exams are held at the end of each session.

  • Your mobile phone and all other electronic devices must be switched off in all exams. You may be fined $150 if your mobile phone is found to be on.
  • Exam and timetable release dates - See the student dates page for information on exam timetable release dates and Main and Deferred Exam dates.
  • Getting to exams: Please allow plenty of time to get to your exam and plan for public transport and traffic delays. If you're considering using the Penrith station trial shuttle bus, please be aware that the estimated time between services is 45 minutes.
  • Parking at exams: Parking on Parramatta campus (South) is limited. Additional parking is available at Parramatta campus (North). Works at some campuses may impact on the availability of parking spaces. Please make sure you leave enough time before your exam to allow for parking and getting to your exam.

How do I access my exam timetable?

Your personal exam timetable can be viewed at https://exams.westernsydney.edu.au/timetable/personal.php (opens in a new window).

Exam timetables are generally released in the weeks leading up to exams. You can check for upcoming exam dates on the student dates page (opens in a new window).

We do not give verbal advice of your exam timetable by phone or at Student Central. Make sure you check your exam timetable regularly in the lead up to and on the day of your exams as times and locations may change.

Don't save or cache a screenshot of your exam timetable as you may not have the most up to date version.

We do not give special consideration where you have misread or misunderstood the exam timetable and you will not be able to sit your exam at another time.

When is the final exam period?

Final exams are held at the end of each session. You can check for upcoming exam dates on the student dates page.

You will need to be available to sit exams during the entire exam period. Work commitments, holidays, or other social functions are not considered valid reasons for missing a final exam.

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I'm missing an exam on my timetable

If an exam does not appear in your personalised exam timetable at https://exams.westernsydney.edu.au/timetable/personal.php (opens in a new window) it could mean that you either have an exam clash or the exam is being run by the School.

You should contact the Examinations Team as soon as possible at mailto:examinations@westernsydney.edu.au or call 02 4736 0600 for further information.

I've got an exam clash

The University defines an exam clash as:

  • two exams at the same time including any overlap
  • less than one and a half hours between exams where they are held on the same campus
  • insufficient travelling time (less than three hours) between exam venues at different campuses or off campus sites
  • where you have more than three exams scheduled on two consecutive days. The University does not regard Friday or Saturday and the following Monday as consecutive days
  • An evening exam that finishes after 8.30pm followed by a morning exam that starts before 9.30am on the next consecutive day

You must advise the Examinations Team  of an exam clash no later than five working days after the date the exam timetable is published. You need to send an email (from your student email account) to the Examinations Team mailto:examinations@westernsydney.edu.au

We will provide exam clash information to you via your student email account and your new exam arrangements will be outlined in the email advice.

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My exam is on a different campus than where I studied the unit

We try to schedule your exam at the same campus you are enrolled for your unit. In exceptional circumstances, you may be required to sit your exam on a different campus. You must attend the campus location detailed on your exam timetable.