Literacy for Teacher Educators


Course Overview

This micro-credential program for Teacher Profession Education is a non-degree educational program for teacher educators in Indonesia as part of continuous professional development.

The course seeks to improve the competency standards for teacher educators in primary and secondary programs in Indonesia, specifically in literacy education. It aims to enhance teacher educators' pedagogical, social, professional and personal competence to design innovative literacy approaches in initial teacher education. This course is designed for teacher educators who are interested in literacy teaching and learning in the digital age. It suggests literacy approaches, activity types and forms of assessment that transform education in culturally responsive and sustaining ways. In the course, participants will use texts which are authentic to their contexts and apply principles of inclusive and equitable quality education for all learners when preparing for literacy learning in class.

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Course Objectives

The course is expected to strengthen Indonesian teacher educators’ pedagogical, social, professional and personal competence in:

  1. Delivering courses that focus on literacy, interdisciplinarity, creativity, critical thinking, inclusivity and 21st century skills;
  2. Modelling a contextual teaching and learning practices that focus on literacy education for digital futures that are culturally and linguistically sustaining;
  3. Reflecting on their learning processes and best practices to improve the quality of their PPG courses and create continuous innovations.

Course Duration

The course will be conducted for four weeks with a minimum of 32 learning hours.


The program offers an opportunity for educators in the Indonesian teaching profession who pass the selection process, to participate in the literacy course. Registrations are now open. All applications received will be reviewed by the Indonesian Ministry of Education in collaboration with the University. It is important that your registration includes a current resume / curriculum vitae (CV).

Classes are limited to 20-30 participants. It is anticipated that the next intake will be in September 2023.

Course Completion

The participants will pass the course under the following conditions:

  1. Attend all sessions with a maximum of one absence (terms and conditions applied).
  2. Complete all assignments during the course within the time given.
  3. Meet the minimum score determined by each course.

Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of completion with the number of learning hours and grade.