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Fair Go Research Program - Annual Lecture

  • Thursday 20 July 2023, 6.30pm
  • The Playhouse Theatre, Western Sydney University Kingswood Campus

Since 2000, Western Sydney University has run the ongoing Fair Go research program through the School of Education, working with low SES schools, particularly in Western Sydney. From its beginnings Fair Go researchersworked with teachers in NSW Department of Education schools to develop a particular pedagogical framework for these schools in order to deliver an intellectually challenging, engaging pedagogy for students across the relevant contexts.

The School of Education is delighted to announce that this year’s annual Fair Go lecture will be delivered by Emeritus Professor Rob Hattam of the University of South Australia.

Professor Hattam is a senior research leader at UniSA who is widely recognised for his research in areas of educational social justice, particularly in middle and secondary schooling. His research aims to develop better explanations for the persistent nature of educational inequality in Australia, especially inequality related to poverty, and the impacts of racism and cultural difference. He is concerned with how schools, leaders and teachers might improve educational outcomes for those communities that have historically not been well served - especially working class, Indigenous and refugee communities. Professor Hattam has conducted studies in over 100 schools that have focused on teachers’ work, leaders’ work, the cultural dimensions of schools, and teaching and learning practices. He focuses on the need to sustain pedagogical innovation that leads to improved achievement. His research centres on critical pedagogy studies, understood as an international social movement that brings

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