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Aerial view of houses

Single women facing housing insecurity

Dr Emma Power wants to hear stories of how older women aged 55 and over who are not home owners are grappling with housing security in the Illawarra region.


Dementia trial expands as study signals effectiveness of novel treatment for vascular dementia

Australians aged 40 and over with dementia are encouraged to participate in one of the nation’s largest clinical trials investigating a novel Chinese herbal extract Sailuotong (SLT).


Clinical incidents and early career graduate nurses

Researchers at Western Sydney University are investigating the experiences of recent graduate nurses who have had involvement in the reporting of a clinical incident.

Woman in the city at night

Researchers call on young women to share their experiences of visiting the city at night

A Western Sydney University study is seeking to understand young women’s perceptions of risk and danger, and any precautions they might take when visiting the city at night.


Secrets of the brain may be key to understanding back pain

Researchers at Western Sydney University are seeking to discover why some people with acute onset lower back pain recover quickly, while others do not.


Emergency nurses’ narratives: an intimate encounter with burnout

Researchers at Western Sydney University are investigating what it is like for registered nurses working within busy hospital emergency departments and exploring the issues around stress and burnout.

Adult turtle out of water

November weather spells a troublesome time for turtles

November is Turtle Month, and according to a Western Sydney University researcher it is also an important time to be on the look-out for our river-dwelling friends.

Empty seats in stadium

Why the empty seats? Study to investigate fan experiences in stadiums

Sporting fans are invited to participate in the Western Sydney University study, to share their own experiences in relation to buying tickets and travelling to the major venues.

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