Researchers call on young women to share their experiences of visiting the city at night

Woman in the city at night

A Western Sydney University study is seeking to understand young women’s perceptions of risk and danger, and any precautions they might take when visiting the city at night.

Leisha Du Preez, a PhD Candidate from the School of Social Sciences and Psychology, will expand on current research which suggests that – in relation to sex crimes – a process of victim blaming can call women’s choices into question.

“When a sex crime is perpetrated, the focus can shift from the perpetrator to the victim,” says Ms Du Preez.

“There is often a suggestion that women should monitor their alcohol consumption or dress ‘appropriately’ in order to avoid unwanted attention and potential victimisation.”

The researchers are calling for female participants aged 18 to 24 who visit the city at night; own a smartphone; and have opinions about what women are told about risk and how to avoid it.

Women will be asked to document their thoughts about safety, danger, risk-taking behaviours and personal responsibility – whether they are out for leisure, socialising, entertainment or work.

The researchers will use Photovoice as a data collection method – allowing participants to not only narrate their feelings in their own time, as well as use photographs to document their experiences.

A face-to-face interview with the researcher and participant will also be conducted at the end of the study.

For more information about participating, contact Leisha Du Preez via email at:

The research has been approved by the Western Sydney University ethics committee, approval number: H12103.


14 February 2018

Photo: Pixabay

Danielle Roddick, Senior Media Officer.