Accounts Receivable

Payment of University invoices can be made:

  • In person by cash, EFTPOS, credit card or cheque at any Post Office
  • Over the phone using the details printed on the payment slip
  • By BPAY from a cheque, savings or credit card account
  • By mailing a cheque and payment slip to the address printed on the slip
  • Online via our Payments website:

For miscellaneous payments i.e. where a University invoice or Student fee account is not produced (such as parking or graduation), payment is to be made via Payments. (opens in a new window)

Outstanding debts

Except as provided for below the follow-up of outstanding debts is performed initially by the Finance Office with final debt collection undertaken by a University's debt collection agent.

The responsibility for the follow-up of outstanding student tuition fee debt is the responsibility of the Student Experience Office. Library fines are the responsibility of the University Librarian.

Other functions of the Accounts Receivable Section

The Accounts Receivable Section is also responsible for:

  • Daily upload of bank receipt file data into Callista and Oracle Financials.
  • Other receipt allocations to the General Ledger.

Direct entries to the University Bank Account

The Accounts Receivable Section is responsible for the allocation of the various daily deposits and withdrawals that are transacted on the University bank account. Occasionally transactions appear that have no clear reference by which they can be accurately identified, and therefore, allocated to a customer's account or to a Cost Centre/Project.

Finance will investigate the transaction, in consultation with the University's bankers, to determine the appropriate allocation.

In exceptional circumstances a customer/organisation may wish to make a deposit directly to the University Bank Account without the earlier issue of an invoice. In such circumstances, please notify the Accounts Receivable Unit beforehand to assist in the timely subsequent allocation of funds.