Accounts Payable

This page provides staff with a general understanding of the procedures involved in making a payment on behalf of the University. Payments are generally made by corporate credit card, cheque or electronically (EFT) and are for the purchase of goods/services, fee refunds, staff reimbursement, donations or other payments to University suppliers.

The Delegations (Administrative) Policy (opens in a new window) must be referred to in conjunction with these procedures.

The University Corporate Credit Card is the Preferred Payment Method

Wherever possible staff should use their Corporate Credit Card for payment for the supply of goods/services and all approved travel.

Cheque and EFT Payments processing timelines

Electronic Payments (EFT) are run weekly on Thursdays, processed by the Commonwealth Bank and are available as cleared funds into supplier bank accounts on Friday morning.

Cheque Payments are run weekly on Thursdays, processed and mailed out by the Commonwealth Bank on the same day. Allow at least 3 working days for mail delivery.

International Payments are processed fortnightly.

Cut off times for payments

Domestic payments

Payment requests MUST be approved in the Basware system (opens in a new window) by 3:00pm Tuesday to be included in that Thursday's scheduled payment run, subject to the University's payment terms.

Reimbursements to staff members or students must be approved in TEMS by 3:00pm Tuesday to be paid in that Thursday's scheduled payment run.

The University's payment terms for all external suppliers is 30 days from date of invoice. Therefore, a supplier invoice will only be paid when the invoice "falls due". (N.B. students requesting payments under an ABN number are regarded as suppliers and must submit an invoice for payment which must be processed in Basware).

International payments

Invoices and payment requests must be approved in Basware by 3:00pm on the Friday preceding the following scheduled payment run. International Payment runs are every fortnight.

What can you do to ensure prompt processing?

Without exception all payment requests received in Finance by established cut off times will be processed and included in the next scheduled payment run provided they are "due for payment" and the documentation submitted is correct.

The most frequently occurring problems resulting in processing delays are:

  • Non compliance with GST and tax obligations.
  • Appropriate documentation not supplied to support claim.

Payment processes

Payment of Invoices for Goods and Services

On receipt of an invoice/s (whether via internal/external mail OR with the delivery of goods) the recipient must:

  • Ascertain that the goods/services have been received and payment is warranted.
  • Ensure that the invoice is billing Western Sydney University as the legal entity and include the postal address and ABN of the supplier.
  • Ensure invoices inclusive of GST display the words 'Tax Invoice'.
  • Wherever possible make payment by corporate credit card and retain invoice to attach to the transaction in TEMS when the Expense Report is submitted.
  • Forward approved Invoices to for processing.

Remember: University payment terms to ALL suppliers paid through the Accounts Payable system is 30 days from the date of invoice.

Payment of student refunds

Student refunds due to be paid from the Callista Student System are imported electronically into the Accounts Payable system and are paid the following week. Local students are paid by cheque or EFT. Refunds for International students are directed overseas or to another education provider or third party.

Supplier Payment Terms and Urgent Payments

The standard terms of trade for the University are 30 days from invoice date following the supply of goods or services by the supplier.

Requests to pay suppliers outside of the University's standard payment terms must be submitted to the Director, Treasury ( on a University Supplier Terms Variation Form (DOCX, 66.84 KB) (opens in a new window). Changes to the standard payment terms must not be agreed with or communicated to the supplier until the amended terms have been approved by Finance.

Where urgent payment of an individual invoice is required outside of the official weekly Finance payment run, please email the Accounts Payable Supervisor (Operations) ( a copy of the invoice and detail the reason for the urgent payment request. Such requests will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Invoices that have been overlooked, forgotten or lost and replaced will not be considered for urgent payment.

It is the responsibility of each business unit to ensure its invoices are approved prior to the payment run cut-off times detailed above.

Payments to staff and students for out-of-pocket expenses (Travel, minor business expenditure)

Refer to the Travel and Expense Management System (TEMS) (opens in a new window) pages.

Reimbursement to the University of Personal Expenditure

Where staff are required to reimburse the University for personal expenditure (e.g. private calls on a University mobile phone) reimbursement can be done via the University's Payments (opens in a new window) system. Staff can elect to 'Pay Now' by credit card, 'Pay Later' via BPAY, pay by phone, pay in person at Australia Post or by mailing a cheque.

Where personal expenditure has been accidentally incurred on a Corporate Card, staff are required to reimburse the University via Payments, choose the expense type 'Private expenses to be repaid to the University' on their Expense Report and attach a copy of the Payments receipt to the transaction.

Payments to reimburse expenses (not otherwise covered above)

In the case of other payments where there is no invoice to the University (such as donations or prizes):

  • Print a copy of the 'Payment Request' form, available on the Finance Forms (opens in a new window) page.
  • Complete all relevant details and sign form as claimant for reimbursement.
  • Include supporting documentation.
  • Scan the 'Payment Request' form, with appropriate attachments/documentation, to

In respect of research participants a spreadsheet must be maintained and forwarded to the Finance office for audit purposes. Please ensure associated tax invoices and receipts are attached to the Payment Request form.