Creating Canopies

Eucalypts canopy

Enhancing our Campus Environment

Planting 30,000 trees on our Hawkesbury campus

We're excited to announce a transformative project in partnership with Greater Sydney Landcare (opens in a new window). Over the next three years, we're embarking on a journey to plant an astounding 30,000 trees on our Hawkesbury campus. This initiative aims to make a lasting impact by:

  • Improving Ambient Temperatures: The new trees will provide shade and help regulate temperatures, enhancing the comfort of our campus environment.
  • Building Habitat Connections: Green corridors will be established to create pathways for wildlife, promoting a more diverse and interconnected ecosystem.
  • Enriching Biodiversity: The array of tree species being planted will attract a variety of insects and animals, enriching our campus ecosystem.

Our Commitment

This initiative perfectly aligns with our commitment to becoming Climate Positive by 2029. By taking part in this project, we are actively advancing our position in the Times Higher Education Impact rankings, showcasing our dedication to both academic excellence and environmental stewardship.

Creating Canopies Greater Sydney Landcare

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