Urban Heat

Surface temperature at a carpark on Kingswood campus. The infrared image was taken on a clear sunny day where air temperature was 30°C. © S. Pfautsch

The solar carpark pilot at Kingswood campus not only supplies power to the engineering precinct but also has the potential to address a range of symptoms and issues associated with urban heat and increasing risks associated with climate change risks for Western Sydney.

Bitumen carparks are a critical source of urban heat in Western Sydney, and as part of a portfolio of urban research, Sebastian Pfautsch of School of Social Sciences (opens in a new window) is monitoring the effectiveness of the carpark structure to provide shade and cooling benefits.

Along with cooling and shading effects of the carpark structure, complementary benefits include electrical generation to reduce peak load reduction of building air conditioning, amenity and accessible parking for staff and students, and safety through design in protection from storms.

SDGs 3,4,7,11,13,17