Vineyard Creek


Separated from the main Parramatta campus by a rail corridor, Vineyard Creek is an area of significant natural and cultural heritage. A series of transitional ecological communities from the mangroves of the edge of Parramatta River upstream support a range of native species, including Burramatta eels.

Elvers have been observed on the spring tides returning up into the creek, completing a lifecycle out to the Coral Sea and back. The area may have had a significant use by the local aboriginal groups, though disturbances have included quarrying for sandstone in the colonial era, and subsequent impacts of rail development.

Maryella Hatfield and a group of Western Sydney students from the School of Humanities and Communication Arts have undertaken videography sessions to discuss and consider related issues and opportunities. Also, Brenda Dobia has taken groups of Environmental Education students out on site. Bush regeneration efforts are ongoing, in a manner consistent with a Bushland Management Strategy.

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