25 years in 25 weeks

As part of the University's 25 year anniversary celebrations, the Records and Archives Management Services (RAMS) team will dig through the UWS Archives and share interesting snippets from the University's history.

Visit this page each week for 25 weeks to delve into the University's rich history.

If you have any questions about the UWS Archives, or the records that are featured within this site, join in the conversation in the comments section of each page.

Charles T Musson, Lecturer in Botany and Entomology, giving a class outside to a group of school children [Hawkesbury Agricultural College (HAC)] c.1900 (P2745)

Week 20: Community Engagement

The University of Western Sydney has always been firmly embedded amongst and within the communities it serves and services.

Apiary - Students extracting honey - uncapping the comb with steam heated knife [Hawkesbury Agricultural College (HAC)] 1920

Week 19: All Steamed Up

The boiler house at Parramatta Campus was a steam laundry and heating facility constructed in 1894 as part of the Rydalmere Hospital for the Insane.

Group of Students - First intake of Canadian Students for Teaching - Faculty of Education 1994

Week 18: Student Experience

The University of Western Sydney has always offered a variety of opportunities for students with many different facilities and a myriad of courses including agriculture, teaching, nursing, policing, forensics and performing arts.

P446 Experimental Plots: Two students lying in a plot of South African Pigeon Grass [Hawkesbury Agricultural College (HAC)] 1900s

Week 17: Research

The University of Western Sydney has always been at the forefront of providing opportunities for research and advancement in most fields of human endeavour.

Student Representative Council, 1937 - EA Southee (Principal) seated centre front [Hawkesbury Agricultural College (HAC)] (P1276)

Week 16: The Student Voice

From the early days of the establishment of UWS and its predecessors, students have expressed their opinions through protests, student newspapers, student representatives councils, involvement in student unions and representation on the Board of Trustees.

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