25 years in 25 weeks

As part of the University's 25 year anniversary celebrations, the Records and Archives Management Services (RAMS) team will dig through the UWS Archives and share interesting snippets from the University's history.

Visit this page each week for 25 weeks to delve into the University's rich history.

If you have any questions about the UWS Archives, or the records that are featured within this site, join in the conversation in the comments section of each page.

Official seal of the Hawkesbury Agricultural College

Week 5: The University Seals

Seals have been used over the centuries as a means of authenticating documents and are used by Universities on testamurs and other significant documents.

Presentation of the Mace – Dignitaries – 21 Aug 1992

Week 4: The University Mace

The mace, a symbol of institutional authority, is carried in procession, in front of the Chancellor, as a ceremonial weapon and it developed from a primitive form of club to weapon of war.

The University's first logo

Week 3: The evolution of the UWS logo

The logos of the University have changed over time. This week, we have drawn from the archives a number of the University's old logos, each of which represent something of the nature of the organisation at the time.

1989 Launch Day Ceremonial Spades

Week 2: UWS officially begins operations

The University of Western Sydney officially began operations on 1 January 1989. Did you know there were two ceremonial spades for the ‘Launch Day’ on 1 August 1989? In week two, see photos of both spades.

Architect's Impressions of Chifley University, c. 1988

Week 1: Establishing a University

Establishing a university is a challenging task. Planning for the University of Western Sydney started years before it was launched in 1989. For week one, we feature architects' impressions of "Chifley University".

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