Western Sydney University Archives

Our Goal

To capture, preserve, manage and make available a documentary heritage resource of the Western Sydney University, its predecessors, local communities and those people and organisations with which it has had a close association.

Our Role

The University Archives, in compliance with the State Records Act 1998 (NSW), is the official repository for inactive University records having long-term administrative, legal, scientific, research or historical value. The archives may also include professional and personal records/manuscripts of members of the University staff, student organisations and the community, donated to the University for preservation and use.

The University Archives is responsible for:

  • repository management of archival records
  • appraisal of University records
  • management of an archival records electronic control system
  • maintaining access provisions to support efficient business operations and to ensure accountability
  • preventative conservation.

The Western Sydney University has a unique and exciting collection of documents and memorabilia dating from the beginnings of the Hawkesbury Agricultural College in 1891 through to the present day.

The University has undergone many major administrative and functional changes over the years and it is important that we capture as much of the documentary heritage of the University and its predecessors as we can. Because archives are generally unique and irreplaceable, it is important to identify these valuable records and ensure they are managed as soon as possible.

The University is creating records today that will become the archives of tomorrow. We need to capture those records with archival value and ensure their protection and proper management.

Open Archives

Sections of the University Archives our now available online to the public. Open Archives (opens in a new window) is an ongoing project, visit often to see the latest additions.

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All Shapes and Sizes

Archival records come in all shapes and sizes and, in addition to what we generally consider as 'official' records, can include:

  • photographs
  • correspondence
  • maps/plans
  • small items/memorabilia
  • publications
  • electronic documents (including email)


The management of the University Archives Collection is governed by the State Records Authority through the requirements specified in the State Records Act, 1998. Under this Act there are stringent standards that must be met in the storage, management and handling of 'State archives'.

Please Help

If you have any documents, publications, memorabilia or other items of historical interest that relate to the Western Sydney University, its predecessors or the wider University Community, the University Archivist is keen to hear from you. If you are not comfortable with donating documents etc. to the University Archives Collection we may be interested in obtaining copies instead.

Please help us to create an Archival Collection of enduring value to the University and its local communities.

For more information please contact our Archivist - archives@westernsydney.edu.au

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