Legal Documents

The University Records & Archives Management Policy includes the following requirements in relation to the management of legal documents:

Section 2 – Definitions

(6) For the purpose of this policy

c. Legal document - refers to all legal documents, such as memoranda of understanding, contracts and agreements, but excludes staff employment contracts.


Part B Records Management

Vital Records

(43) As soon as practicable after signing a legal document, the relevant organisational unit must send the original document to RAMS and RAMS will:

  1. scan the document;
  2. save the image to TRIM in the relevant file; and
  3. place the document in secure central storage.

RAMS has developed a cover sheet for legal documents to facilitate their management. The cover sheet identifies key information in relation to the document such as:

  • who will be entitled to view the image of the document in TRIM;
  • when it expires;
  • the parties to the contract;
  • name of business unit responsible for the contract

Legal documents and completed cover sheets should be sent to:

Records & Archives Management Services (RAMS)
Building AF Annexe
Werrington North

GIPA Contract Information Database

As a requirement of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA), the University must maintain and publish a register of contracts that have a value of $150K or more.

Any University business unit which enters into a contract or purchase valued at $150K or more is required to provide information about the transaction. For more information see the Finance and Resources webpage. An online Data Collection form (opens in new window) hosted on Sharepoint has been developed to save the need for paper based documents.