Legal Documents

The University Records & Archives Management Policy includes the following requirements in relation to the management of legal documents:

Section 2 – Definitions

(6) For the purpose of this policy

c. Legal document - refers to all legal documents, such as memoranda of understanding, contracts and agreements, but excludes staff employment contracts.


Part B Records Management Vital Records
(43) As soon as practicable after signing a legal document, the relevant organisational unit must send the original document to RAMS and RAMS will:

  1. scan the document;
  2. save the image to CM (TRIM) in the relevant file; and
  3. place the document in secure central storage.

RAMS has developed a cover sheet for legal documents, to facilitate their management. The cover sheet identifies key information in relation to the document such as:

  • who will be entitled to view the image of the document in TRIM (Content Manager);
  • when it expires;
  • the parties to the contract;
  • name of business unit responsible for the contract

Physical (hard-copy) Legal documents and completed cover sheets should be sent to:

Records & Archives Management Services
(RAMS) Building K7

GIPA Contract Information Database

As a requirement of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA), the University must maintain and publish a register of contracts that have a value of $150K or more.

Any University business unit which enters into a contract or purchase valued at $150K or more is required to provide information about the transaction. For more information see the Finance and Resources.