Destruction of Records

The destruction of University records is subject to the terms of the State Records Act, 1998 (NSW).

Western Sydney University must be able to account for its records, if a record is destroyed, we need to be able to explain how, when and why this action was taken and under what authority.

If you have any doubts about whether records should be destroyed contact your RAMS

Destruction of Records:

There is no single minimum period for which records need to be kept. A common misconception is that records need to be kept for at least 7 years. The minimum retention period for records varies depending on what activities of the University the records document. This can range from a few months to 99 years through to those records that need to be kept permanently.

  • Destruction of all original documents needs to be authorised through a relevant GDA/GA (General Authority for Retention and Disposal) issued by State Archives and Records (NSW).
  • Contact RAMS for advice on determining the correct GDA/GA.
  • Destruction of records should be documented on a Destruction Approval Form to ensure the University is able to show that it is meeting legislative compliance requirements.
  • Destruction of records requires the approval of the head of a business unit.
  • Records that are due for destruction now can be placed in a secure destruction bin after approval from RAMS, or placed in Archive Boxes and sent to RAMS.
  • Note: All CM (TRIM) folders must only be destroyed by RAMS. Do not place these folders in destruction bins, shred, or otherwise destroy these folders.

For the destruction of Exam Scripts and Major Assessments please refer to the Guidelines