Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to CM (TRIM)?

CM (TRIM) is part of the Western Sydney University Standard Operating Environment (SOE) and can be downloaded from the Software Centre. Whilst CM (TRIM) is available to all University staff, you must request access via the ITDS ServiceNow / MyIT portal. Enquiry/View Only access will be provided until you have completed CM (TRIM) training.

Training in CM (TRIM) is also provided by the RAMS team, to request training, please email RAMS

Where can I find information about recordkeeping in my organisational unit?

Speak to your supervisor and other staff in your team, then contact RAMS

Each organisational unit at Western Sydney University has a support person (or persons) in RAMS (Records & Archives Management Services). The RSO (Records Support Officer) can assist you when discussing recordkeeping with other staff in your unit/team.

What is a RIF?

RIF (Records Information Form) is a spreadsheet developed by RAMS, in consultation with the organisational unit, which provides a guide to staff when creating folders. It lists titling conventions, retention requirements (NSW State Archives & Records Authority) and access restrictions. The RIF can be found in your unit's recordkeeping file in CM (TRIM).

What is a GDA/GA?

GDA/GA (General Disposal Authority/General Authority) is a schedule issued by NSW State Archives & Records Authority that determines the retention of, and authorises the disposal of, types of records common to more than one organisation. These schedules are built into CM (TRIM) to assist the University in its compliance with the NSW State Records Act (1998).

Is it okay to destroy a paper document once I have scanned it and saved it to CM (TRIM)?

In most circumstances this is allowable under the NSW State Records Act (1998), however, there are strict conditions that must be met when doing so. It may be necessary to keep the paper document for a short period of time to allow for verification.

Please contact RAMS to check.

Do I need to keep copies of records I have forwarded to other units, for example Finance or HR?

You may wish to keep copies in your own unit for ease of reference, but they can be destroyed when no longer needed. In some cases you might like to scan and save the records to a file in TRIM (Content Manager), giving the file a short retention period -  perhaps an annual file. Contact  RAMS for guidance.

My CM (TRIM) add-in/toolbar in Outlook has disappeared, how do I get it back?

Contact your RAMS

How are misconduct records managed in CM (TRIM)?

Access to records of alleged student misconduct is restricted to those staff responsible for investigating (in accordance with the Student Misconduct Rule). Records of investigations are saved to a Student Misconduct Folder. Detailed instructions are available here Student Misconduct Rule - Recordkeeping

When can I use cc trim@records.westernsydney.edu.au to save emails?

When you are sending emails to a students, using their official University student email address, except when it is referring to a misconduct investigation, complaint or other sensitive matter.

Can I use the bcc address field when using the trim@records.westernsydney.edu.au?

No. Any student email address in the bcc field will not be seen by the CM (TRIM) email integration. It is okay to have trim@records.westernsydney.edu.au in the bcc field.

My computer is about to be replaced/rebuilt. Will my CM (TRIM) settings and Favourites be retained?

No, all CM (TRIM) settings that you have customised, or records you have added to your Favourites, as well as any Outlook links to CM (TRIM) folders, will have to be redone when you get your new computer. Your RAMS can advise you of ways to make this process easier.