The following forms are available in various formats. The Records Storage Transfer form is available in MS Excel format to allow the details to be directly imported into CM (TRIM). When using this form, please download the form and enter all details of records into it electronically. This form can then be sent via e-mail to RAMS


Storage Transfer Form - CM (TRIM)

(XLS, 57.5 KB)
Storage Transfer Form (XLSX, 67.68 KB)
Records Destruction Approval(XLS, 59.5 KB)
Destruction Form - Examination - Final & Major Assessment(XLS, 57.5 KB)
Storage & Destruction Form - Examinations - Final & Major
(XLSX, 32.76 KB)
Records Supplies Order Form(DOCX, 56.2 KB)
Legal Document - Cover Sheet

(PDF, 96.29 KB)

(DOCX, 101.64 KB)

File Note(DOCX, 46.1 KB)