Contract Reporting

Register of Contracts

Part 3, Division 5 of the NSW Government Information (Public Access) Act requires the University to maintain a publicly available Register of the contracts it has entered into valued at $150K or more.

Classes of Contracts

The Act identifies three classes of contracts. Most contracts entered into by the University following the usual tendering process will be Class 1 contracts. Class 2 contracts are generally those where there has not been a tender process and have a value of less than $5 million. Class 3 Contracts are those with a value of more than $5 million.

The University's Register of Contracts (opens in a new window) is available as a downloadable file.

The Register provides concise data on all contracts subject to this function of the Act.  Members of the public are free to contact the University's Right to Information Officer regarding any further information on any of the listed contracts.