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What is available from RAMS?

If you would like to order any of the following items, please complete the Records Supplies Order Form (MS Word / PDF).

Archive BoxStandard Records Box

There is one type of box supplied by RAMS for file storage. Any transfer of records to secondary storage must be in these boxes. They are chosen because they fit precisely into RAMS records storage shelving units. The boxes come from the Government Records Repository (GRR).

These boxes will hold the standard Western Sydney University folders but are not suitable for lever arch folders. Where necessary lever arch folders should be replaced by University folders

File Covers

The University has specially printed folders with the University logo that identifies the records as belonging to the Western Sydney University. These files will take up to foolscap size papers without folding. All physical (hard-copy) records that are created in TRIM (Content Manager) should be placed in these folders.

Fire-Proof Filing Cabinets


If you have a need for a high level of protection for some of your records fire proof cabinets are available. These are quite costly. An alternative solution for records that require this level of protection is to scan and save the documents to TRIM (Content Manager) and use the image for day-to-day purposes. The originals can then be sent to RAMS for secure storage (if necessary).