National Numeracy Test

National Numeracy Test Information

Did you know that all Australian initial teacher education students (qualifying for Primary or Secondary) must pass a National Numeracy (and Literacy) test before they can graduate as teachers? Information and sample questions can be obtained from these sites:

Preparing for the National Numeracy Test at WSU

At WSU, Master of Teaching students are required to pass the LANTITE test before commencing their final practicum. WSU Masters’ students must also pass the School of Education Numeracy Task before doing their first practicum.

If it is a while since you have studied maths, or you are concerned that your numeracy skills may not be adequate, you should start to prepare early.

The following avenues of assistance are available:

Test your numeracy skills

Try this online quiz (opens in a new window) for an indication of the type of questions you can expect.

Proportional reasoning skills are required for some LANTITE questions. Try these questions to practise your proportional reasoning skills. Each question has hints to help you, and a fully worked solution. If you want to further develop your proportional reasoning skills, use these resources.